Monday, 4 August 2014

2 most important SEO Strategy that connects to the Right Traffic

Annzo Corporation : SEO success is based on the understanding of basic nuts and bolts that play the most important role in keeping everything together. It’s a time consuming and consistent play that has many ups and downs at the same time. initial disappoint can make you feel that it’s of no use but there are plenty of small local business which turned into successful leading brands today online which properly understanding on how this SEO can lead your local business to success online.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

WordPress Takes filed lawsuit against false DMCA Takedown Requests!

Word press CMS
Annzo Corporation: Recently torrent freak has reported that Word Press is has filed lawsuit against the false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notice. In the lawsuit against DMCA WordPress is demanding $10,000 of loss that they had suffered because of them. WordPress is actually taking stand against the copyright holders who abuse the DMCA process.  Even though some are authentic but there are still a lot of people who try to abuse such process hence causing WordPress loss of time and money. This actually started in the month of November when an individual didn’t appreciated being quoted in an article and issued a false DMCA take down request to get it removed from there. And as a result a lawsuit was filed by WordPress which they hope to be compensated.
            WordPress explained the court that the liability they have online for the DMCA take down request is an authentic way if someone does not want his content to be anywhere and see any plagiarism made without his permission but a lot of people abuse such opportunity by falsely putting claim hence doing for the sake of critics and to manipulate name of our company bad in the market. This hindrance and abuse of liability should be stopped and looked upon. WordPress is one of the most established blog writing engines which help millions of people share their thoughts and ideas on daily basis. It also helps so many local business owners make social connections online by selling their products and services through content marketing. There is no doubt that the competitors can be on this move to push WordPress down in the market by falsely abusing their services. As the lawsuit is proceeding, the court said to reach its decision in coming few weeks. Until then we can only keep our heads up that where this proceedings lead WordPress into? For latest information and new about IT world stay connected with Annzo Corporation blogs and services.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Get your local Business on the Google Maps Using Google Maps Listing Services

Annzo Local: Get your local business on the Google Maps by using Google maps listing services and get successful. Google maps’ listing is one of the most effective ways of Local SEO to target potential online customers to your parking lots of business. Google offers your local business the most simplest and innovative way to promote your brand for free without any hassle and struggle. All you got to do is to register with it so they can help you shine through successes. Being the most active and dominant search engine, Google is well aware of how important local search is for many thousands of business owners who cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars for regularly advertising and banners that’s why they brought this idea forward to spot your business with the mark. Many thousands of searches for local businesses are made on Google every day which are commercially motivated in terms of marketing; you can get free advertising simply by being listed in Google search results and just like every other Local SEO strategy Google maps listing requires a well-planned optimization. By listing your business though it will give you an immediate connection to online community and you never know even within few minute there will be a customer at your door only because of Google Maps listing. 

But in order to do that you need to have proper guidelines for those customers in order for them to find your business easily. Google Places listing is relatively straight forward and easily done by most business owners without the need for much technical expertise. Annzo Corporation specifies a great deal of motivation to get your business name appear on Google maps listing by registering on it. Thinking like a customer we know that with a nonstop interrogation of latest technology people are getting more and more in touch with search engines and no doubt Google is on the lead. We type an address and we can locate the place, route and directions on the map. People use Internet to search for any information and business details. It is therefore became an essential need that any such information or local business listing can easily be searched and found on and Google Maps. Google Places makes it really easy to create business listings at no cost and within a few seconds only. It is always advisable to cross check the listing to see if all information is appropriate. You can edit information constantly and can improve your outlook all along. You can also view the number of users who have clicked on your link and checked your local listing. With the help of Google maps listing you can actually notice a boost up in you online presence even if you don't have a website.

Important Facts:
1. Increasing your inbounds links and creating web that directs towards your business by posting your website on different forums, blogs and social engines
2. Increasing your citations from major data providers.
3. User reviews play a significant role which can attract other potential customer towards your business.
4. Having a complete and verified information of your address and contact phone number because this information can prove to be an asset.
5. Using local phone numbers is also one of the tactics that can be applied because Google maps listing give priority to what more authentic and original.
6. Adding extra details such as photos, videos, hours of operations and feedback can be a plus.
7. If you are a general store or specific retail/wholesale business you would be aware of the fact that coupons and sales are one of the most attractive ways of appealing to your potential buyers. People now a days prefers what under their budget and it can increase your profitability and publicity as well
8. Give a routine checkup to your Google maps listing and keep updating with whatever new sales and seasonal promotions your business has to offer.
All these mentioned above productive Dos can really give a push to your business if followed consistently. Just for example if a potential customer is trying to locate pizza hut which is a very success franchise in the world and they are trying to locate it near their home on Google maps listing.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Local Search Engine Marketing To Improve Your Local Business

Annzo Corp: Did you run a local business and would like to only get local customers on your website?
Yes, it is possible. You can put emphasis on local search engine marketing to provide the necessary support.
For a long time it was a big problem for websites, small business owners. Many of them used to get more global visitors than local. Conversion rate were poor and so was the sale. You have to remember that the service is not about a few pages. And if you want to run an e-commerce site, you need to invest a lot on support facilities.
Even if you outsource SEO and other promotional and backend support jobs to third persons for the lesser amount, wasteful were always huge. The best solution for the optimal use of money is to put emphasis on local search engine marketing.
What is local search engine marketing?
Before going to the point, the local search engine marketing, let us find out what is local search. You can call it an extended and revised version of the Yellow Pages where you can search for local service providers.

Major search engines such as Google (maps), Yahoo, MSN and Ask are now allowing visitors to search for local services or products in this village. You can also modify the Search in respect of the location (zip code, area, etc.). In fact, some of the major search engines are also provide the solution to physically locate the supplier in a map to make life easier for visitors.
And the recent trend shows that local search is becoming more and more popular.
So how to optimize to improve search engine ranking position for local customers?
You should perform regular search engine optimization tips like proper keyword research, quality content with appropriate SEO keywords, good navigation, etc. However, to put the right emphasis on the spot when writing content or site optimization. For example, if the target keyword is SEO and want to target a local market in Florida or Ft Lauderdale, you can write Florida Ft Lauderdale SEO copy body, H1, title, Meta, etc. You can create different pages for different locations.
Don't forget to host your site on the local server and the book country specific domain (e.g. if you are from the Canada).
Add your company to the various directories of the engine. For example, navigate to and click on the "Add or edit your business", and then fill in all the required information. You need to follow almost similar process to get listed in other search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and ask. Most of them are free and don't forget to link to your site.
Download links from local directories and portals.
When you link from others, try to use the name of a location by using the keyword as anchor text.
Participation in the local discussion forum and links to download with the signature.
The best way to get some local links is to donate some amount to local charitable trust and in return get a link from their website.

Don't forget to mention that a detailed address on the contact page or home page. You can also integrate Google maps in this page, to indicate the precise location of the Office.
Point some outbound links to some authoritative local websites. It can help in the creation of the local environment for the site, and may send signals similar to the search engines.
Do not forget to include your friends and family members to promote the website. If the search engines find out that the site is collected from various locations, such as Florida or Ft Lauderdale, and if there are refunds are stressing in content, it will definitely help your site rank better in the search for local users.
 Annzo Corporation is a Toronto based White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company. Our SEO Experts provide Guaranteed Google top 10 ranking results to World Wide Clients. Annzo Corp also provides local search optimization & Google Maps Listing services to clients all over USA & Canada. Our local SEO experts will bring our clients to the first page of Google.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Benefits of Google Maps Listing

Google, Yahoo, Bing and others now have maps more search terms than ever before - and it seems to be more trends in that direction. For example, map 3 months ago not appear listings for keywords such as "L.A. real estate" or Los Angeles real estate "-today, Google is not only display results of map for these keywords, but shake the foundations of traditional organic optimization." As Google Maps listing more ubiquitously present in local search, the effect on global marketing strategy requires a fundamental change. A new discipline, optimization of the local map will reign, if does it not already, as the most important element of a strategy local SEO.

Local Map Listings oozing practicality. If a user is looking for a cleaner, plumber, or even to a plastic surgeon, prefer the local results to paid and organic listings. Google has trained us to use local for giving us search keywords best results when we are looking for a local company when we add combinations of State of the city. At this point, it is likely most people have looked enough now to know that, to achieve local good local results using descriptors of the City State. For those who want immediate premises contact options, map ads offered in a uniform manner, as opposed to any other part of the page listing telephone numbers in clean rows along the side of the geographical distribution of each business. In addition, customer reviews are immediately you can get with a single click - so that you can investigate and contact with a company in a single step with Google maps listing. Obviously, these features are not currently available in the organic results sponsored and traditional.

Although there is no recent studies have been published about the distribution of clicks on organic listings and sponsored links, map the consensus for years has been that 65-70% of all clicks flow to the functional areas of the page. Many users prefer that considered that the results of "true" or "natural" from Google for paid ads. Map ads tend to be the first set of organic listings is possible, if not likely, that local ads maps can in fact seek the greater portion of clicks possible. That said, listing local map optimization can be the most critical piece to your local online marketing campaign.

If you really want that your business should be optimized on the first page using Google Maps Listing, you should use the really good service of Google Maps Listing by Annzo Local.