Thursday, 13 September 2012

Benefits of Google Maps Listing

Google, Yahoo, Bing and others now have maps more search terms than ever before - and it seems to be more trends in that direction. For example, map 3 months ago not appear listings for keywords such as "L.A. real estate" or Los Angeles real estate "-today, Google is not only display results of map for these keywords, but shake the foundations of traditional organic optimization." As Google Maps listing more ubiquitously present in local search, the effect on global marketing strategy requires a fundamental change. A new discipline, optimization of the local map will reign, if does it not already, as the most important element of a strategy local SEO.

Local Map Listings oozing practicality. If a user is looking for a cleaner, plumber, or even to a plastic surgeon, prefer the local results to paid and organic listings. Google has trained us to use local for giving us search keywords best results when we are looking for a local company when we add combinations of State of the city. At this point, it is likely most people have looked enough now to know that, to achieve local good local results using descriptors of the City State. For those who want immediate premises contact options, map ads offered in a uniform manner, as opposed to any other part of the page listing telephone numbers in clean rows along the side of the geographical distribution of each business. In addition, customer reviews are immediately you can get with a single click - so that you can investigate and contact with a company in a single step with Google maps listing. Obviously, these features are not currently available in the organic results sponsored and traditional.

Although there is no recent studies have been published about the distribution of clicks on organic listings and sponsored links, map the consensus for years has been that 65-70% of all clicks flow to the functional areas of the page. Many users prefer that considered that the results of "true" or "natural" from Google for paid ads. Map ads tend to be the first set of organic listings is possible, if not likely, that local ads maps can in fact seek the greater portion of clicks possible. That said, listing local map optimization can be the most critical piece to your local online marketing campaign.

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