Thursday, 19 June 2014

WordPress Takes filed lawsuit against false DMCA Takedown Requests!

Word press CMS
Annzo Corporation: Recently torrent freak has reported that Word Press is has filed lawsuit against the false DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notice. In the lawsuit against DMCA WordPress is demanding $10,000 of loss that they had suffered because of them. WordPress is actually taking stand against the copyright holders who abuse the DMCA process.  Even though some are authentic but there are still a lot of people who try to abuse such process hence causing WordPress loss of time and money. This actually started in the month of November when an individual didn’t appreciated being quoted in an article and issued a false DMCA take down request to get it removed from there. And as a result a lawsuit was filed by WordPress which they hope to be compensated.
            WordPress explained the court that the liability they have online for the DMCA take down request is an authentic way if someone does not want his content to be anywhere and see any plagiarism made without his permission but a lot of people abuse such opportunity by falsely putting claim hence doing for the sake of critics and to manipulate name of our company bad in the market. This hindrance and abuse of liability should be stopped and looked upon. WordPress is one of the most established blog writing engines which help millions of people share their thoughts and ideas on daily basis. It also helps so many local business owners make social connections online by selling their products and services through content marketing. There is no doubt that the competitors can be on this move to push WordPress down in the market by falsely abusing their services. As the lawsuit is proceeding, the court said to reach its decision in coming few weeks. Until then we can only keep our heads up that where this proceedings lead WordPress into? For latest information and new about IT world stay connected with Annzo Corporation blogs and services.

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